• 1321-Cristina-2015-342x269.jpg

    Cristina 2015

    Decades of experience has enabled CRISTINA to create elegant and timeless tapware.

  • 1517-Cristina-Flyer-King-342x269.jpg

    Cristina King

    Square and masculine, King stands strong and proud, gladly becoming the focal point within any contemporary bathroom space.

  • 1520-Cristina-Flyer-Queen-342x269.jpg

    Cristina Queen

    The soft, elegant lines of these exquisite pieces don't dampen the spirit and intensity of the Queen.

  • 1519-Cristina-Flyer-Diario-342x269.jpg

    Cristina Diario

    Diario collection brings together geometric shapes and reflective angles that resemble the movement of molten metal.

  • 1518-Cristina-Flyer-Unix-342x269.jpg

    Cristina Unix

    Simple geometry and purity of design are embodied in the elegant UniX collection.

  • 1521-Cristina-Flyer-Londra-342x269.jpg

    Cristina Londra

    Londra combines the elegance of yesteryear with today's cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate heritage collection.